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Sunday, 11 September 2011


At about half past one this morning, I met this girl online. Her name is 刘国玉, or Audrey. She's twenty, at university in Shanghai, a bit of a tomboy, loves sports and music, and also likes cats. I spent an awesome two hours talking to her on webcam - though really we were just typing, because I couldn't hear anything from her end at all. Though, sometimes, we also wrote on paper to each other ^^ I think she was possibly a little bit surprised that I could write hanzi, and that I have decently readable writing... :P

Every so often, you can just meet someone online who you click with, who you find it easy to talk to. I really hope that we'll keep in touch, because I really do think we can be good friends. :)

Just before I headed off to bed, I wrote on paper and showed her this, fail grammar and all:
The approximate meaning is "Today I met a really cool girl, I hope we will become good friends."

Her response? We already are :)

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