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16. Female. Aotearoa, New Zealand. NZ European.

I like music, travelling, stationery, food, Asia, sleeping in, cats, fanfiction, cute things, posters, daydreaming, peppermint tea with honey, languages, noise-cancelling headphones, science fiction, fantasy novels, the smell of books, trim lattes with two sugars, dollhouse furniture and browsing through online shops.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm almost a straight A student...

Which would be AWESOME, if only that meant that I was getting the top grade because NCEA was marked ABCD. However, it is not! Instead we get NAME, and so A means that I'm getting the equivalent of a C grade...

Hey, at least I've achieved almost all my papers! From the results I've gotten back so far, I've gotten As in Maths and English, and then two As (close to being Es =.=;;) in Physics and an M, and then M A N in Chemistry.

Ouch, my first ever failed mock paper. It was Redox, though, so I'm actually not terribly surprised, to be completely honest.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mock exams are halfway over!

Tomorrow I have Chinese then physics, and then Friday afternoon I've got my third English exam (why am I taking Cambridge AS Levels, seriously). Then, the hellish week is over!

I'm reaaasonably confident for Chinese, but oh lord physics... might just be an epic failure. Literally. D:

Like maths today. That was absolutely horrid. Oh well, at least I now know for sure that I have to study absolutely everything :(

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

This is a very loud library

Got let out of Chemistry at about 11:30 - that was an absolutely horrible exam, I had completely forgotten everything about redox and most of.. whatever the other topic was, though I did answer all the questions in the structure and bonding paper.

Then it was like an avalanche of people descending upon the cafeteria to eat an early lunch and then study, followed by a steady trickle, and then a small wave of more people as they were let out at around 12.

Currently I'm in the library and it's far too loud, it's more like a convenient place to chat that just happens to have thousand of books too. I'm not happy D:

Time to finish attempting to memorise quotes and plot details, woooo...