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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm almost a straight A student...

Which would be AWESOME, if only that meant that I was getting the top grade because NCEA was marked ABCD. However, it is not! Instead we get NAME, and so A means that I'm getting the equivalent of a C grade...

Hey, at least I've achieved almost all my papers! From the results I've gotten back so far, I've gotten As in Maths and English, and then two As (close to being Es =.=;;) in Physics and an M, and then M A N in Chemistry.

Ouch, my first ever failed mock paper. It was Redox, though, so I'm actually not terribly surprised, to be completely honest.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mock exams are halfway over!

Tomorrow I have Chinese then physics, and then Friday afternoon I've got my third English exam (why am I taking Cambridge AS Levels, seriously). Then, the hellish week is over!

I'm reaaasonably confident for Chinese, but oh lord physics... might just be an epic failure. Literally. D:

Like maths today. That was absolutely horrid. Oh well, at least I now know for sure that I have to study absolutely everything :(

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

This is a very loud library

Got let out of Chemistry at about 11:30 - that was an absolutely horrible exam, I had completely forgotten everything about redox and most of.. whatever the other topic was, though I did answer all the questions in the structure and bonding paper.

Then it was like an avalanche of people descending upon the cafeteria to eat an early lunch and then study, followed by a steady trickle, and then a small wave of more people as they were let out at around 12.

Currently I'm in the library and it's far too loud, it's more like a convenient place to chat that just happens to have thousand of books too. I'm not happy D:

Time to finish attempting to memorise quotes and plot details, woooo...

Monday, 12 September 2011


School in New Zealand.

Most people don't seem to understand the basics of the New Zealand school system (let's not go into NCEA...), so here's a reaaally quick break down of it all for future reference, basically because I'm super lazy and would rather link people to a page rather than repeatedly explain it to every new person I meet:

In New Zealand, we have three "schools":
Primary School, ages 5-12
High School, ages 13-18
University, ages 18+

Primary school is from years 1 to 8, but sometimes we call years 7 and 8 "Intermediate".

High school is from years 9 through 13. New Zealand's Year 13 is the same as many other countries' Year 12, just named differently. Sometimes high school is also known as college, which can be confusing for people used to the American college - that is the same as university here!

University is often just called 'uni'. Usually people go from around ages 17/18 onwards, but sometimes there are younger students, and of course older people can go to university too.

Got it? Good. :P

English Mock Number One

First mock starts in, oh, an hour?
I have to be at school shortly. Currently desperately revising quotes, etc.
I'm so screwed.

Sunday, 11 September 2011


At about half past one this morning, I met this girl online. Her name is 刘国玉, or Audrey. She's twenty, at university in Shanghai, a bit of a tomboy, loves sports and music, and also likes cats. I spent an awesome two hours talking to her on webcam - though really we were just typing, because I couldn't hear anything from her end at all. Though, sometimes, we also wrote on paper to each other ^^ I think she was possibly a little bit surprised that I could write hanzi, and that I have decently readable writing... :P

Every so often, you can just meet someone online who you click with, who you find it easy to talk to. I really hope that we'll keep in touch, because I really do think we can be good friends. :)

Just before I headed off to bed, I wrote on paper and showed her this, fail grammar and all:
The approximate meaning is "Today I met a really cool girl, I hope we will become good friends."

Her response? We already are :)

Mocks soon

From tomorrow onwards I have mock exams. I'm so not keen for them. Three English exams, and one each of maths, chemistry, physics and Chinese. No exams for IT, thank goodness, because that is all internally marked.

I'm kind of sad that I'll be dropping my sciences next year, but it's the most practical option, to be perfectly honest. At least I get to take up history -- we had better be doing the Tudors, because I absolutely adore that period in history. I didn't want to take history this year because of all the possible topics that we might do, only two of them really interested me. I can't even remember what they were, now.

I really should stop procrastinating and get on with doing some more english study. "It's only mocks," everyone says. Hahahahaha yeah no. There's still the pressure to do well, and yet there is the overwhelming temptation to just say 'screw it!' and not do anything all afternoon.

I should go back to my Shakespeare. Maybe I'll have some russian fudge too, that is delicious. Hopefully Mum won't notice just one piece missing~